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Echo360 Recording Form

The Echo360 Recording Form is available within the Service Portal or from the Echo360 tab in MyLO Manager (Non-Award and Short Course units Only), and can be used for the following purposes:

  • To request the creation of a Non-Award or Short Course Echo360 section
  • To book or change scheduled recordings including livestreams

The form is for Echo360 only, and cannot be used to book Video Conferences

To complete the form, please choose the relevant sections:

User details in top of form

1,2 & 3 - These fields will pre-populate, however if you hold multiple roles within the University, you will need to select the relevant Job/Position (2)

(if required you can also submit the form on behalf of another employee by clicking the x in Requested By to remove your details, and searching for the other employee)

4 - Search for the relevant unit code, or leave blank if requesting a space for a non-award  or short course unit

5 - Select the relevant Semester

To request an Echo360 Non-Award or Short Course section only, click "Yes" in the first section and complete the following fields:

Echo360 Space Only fields for completion

  1. Use the search field to select the Instructor/s (Mandatory) who require access to the recording. You can search for and add as many Instructors as you need
  2. Use this field to type in any additional information - if you are requesting an Echo360 space for a non-award unit or a short course the title of the unit can be added here, together with any other requests for the Echo360 space.

Next, add any attachments to the form and click submit.

To request an Echo360 schedule recording or Livestream or to change previously requested recordings, complete the second section only

First section to complete to Book/Change a recording

  1. Click "Yes" to expand the section
  2. Use the search field to select the Recording Owner (Mandatory)
  3. Add the type of recording - ie Lecture, Seminar, Meeting, Workshop, Roadshow etc
  4. Click Add to schedule recordings

Adding a schedule

5. Select the relevant location from the pick list (note - some Echo360 venues cannot be scheduled.  If your venue doesn't appear in the list, check this page to see if you are in an Automated venue, or a User Initiated venue where you will need to start and stop the recording

6. Click on the calendar icon and then select the first day on which your recording will occur

Click on the clock and then on the hour, minutes & am/pm to select the time when you wish your recording to start

Calendar Icontime selection

7.  Repeat for the END TIME of your first recording ... the date should still be the first day of recording

8.  Select if this recording is to occur weekly / fortnightly or other

9. Provide further details if needed such as frequency of recording if not weekly / fortnightly or existing booking to be cancelled / new booking replacing old booking

Click Add

If you require additional bookings for your unit, complete steps 5-10 the required number of times:

Multiple booking requests

Select and complete other details if required:

Other details

10.  If you want to change from the default recording configuration in the venue select the relevant option

To see the default configuration click this link

11.  If you want your recording Livestreamed select yes and advise whether or not this is to occur for all sessions

12.  Provide any other relevant information or requirements - eg. title of your non-award unit of short course, details of individual livestreams etc.

This field can also be used to provide further details for cancelled/replaced bookings

Add any attachments and click Order Now button

You will receive email notifications to advise your form has been received, any requests for additional information, and to confirm your Echo360 space has been created, and any recordings scheduled

You will also be able to see this request within your Service Portal