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How to Link Echo360 Recordings to your MyLO Unit


  • This process requires that you have already completed a request for, and had confirmation of, a Echo360 unit - you need an Echo360 space for your unit if you are using Universal Capture - Classroom, Universal Capture - Personal, or have a scheduled recording in an automated room.
  • The link tool in MyLO uses Learning Tools Interoperability, so is often called an LTI tool, or just LTI for short.

WARNING: Once you have completed the configuration of the link in MyLO DO NOT access the link while impersonating a student role. The link passes through your credentials from MyLO and so will revoke your instructor role in the linked ALP unit.

Add the Echo360 Recordings Link

  • Log in to MyLO.
  • Navigate to the unit where you wish to add the link.
  • Click Content then select the module where you want to create the link to the recordings.
    • We recommend making a Lecture Recordings module for this link.
  • Pull down the Existing Activities menu and select External Learning Tools.
  • Select Echo360 Recordings (ALP).
  • Note - If there is a pre-existing link to old content ( copied over via your previous content) you will need to delete this link first, then re-create your new link.

Edit the Echo360 Recordings Link to open in New Window

  • Pull down the Options Tab at the end of the Echo360 Recordings Link and select Edit Properties In Place.
  • Tick the Open as External Resource box.

  • Quit out of the Link's properties by clicking on the unit title (usually "Lecture Recordings") under the table of contents.

Configure the Echo360 Recordings Link 

To link to all recordings
  • Click on the Echo360 Recordings link you created
  • Step 1:
    • Select the Section you wish to link to. All courses that you have access to will appear.
  • Step 2:
    • Select Link to the Section Home
    • Click LINK CONTENT (the blue button on the right)
      • If your unit does not appear in the list, ensure you have an Echo360 request in place. If you still cannot see the link please contact the service desk.
  • The link has now been configured.

How to link to a single recording

To link to individual classes you will need to create the Echo360 Recordings Link

  • Click on the link you created
  • Under Connect your Echo360 Content choose the Course, Term and Section you wish to link to as you did above.
  • Click on Link to a Classroom (shown in image below)
  • Scroll down the page until you can see the individual recording you wish to link to and select it.Press on the content you want
  • Click LINK CONTENT (the blue button on the right)Press on Link Content
  • The link has now been configured.

NOTE: If you ever need to unlink the section from your MyLO unit, access the link and click Reset LMS Link.

DO NOT Click Unlink LMS Course.