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How to use Universal Capture - Personal

Echo360 has replaced the current version of Personal Capture (PCAP) with an updated version. This new version has a new overall appearance and navigation.

The new Universal Capture - Personal is now available to download for all Echo360 Users. 

This can be downloaded through the Software Centre for Windows users and the Mac Self-Service for Mac users.

Alternatively the new software can be found at the following link: (Admin rights to your device will be required to download the software directly from Echo360)

Requirements to run Universal Capture - Personal

Windows requirement:

  • Windows 10 (64 bit) or higher

Universal Capture is only supported for use with the 64-bit version of Windows 10. If you attempt to install Universal Capture on a 32-bit system you will encounter the following error

MAC Requirements:

Mac users will need to have OS 12.2 Sierra or higher

Currently both the older Personal Capture (PCAP) and the new Universal Capture - Personal can be downloaded however please note that only one can be used at a time.

Effective August 30th, 2019 the downloads for the current Personal Capture software, both Windows and MAC, will be disabled.  This will also mean that there will be no further support from Echo360 regarding any issues that arise from using the older version of PCAP.

Before moving to the new Universal Capture – Personal Capture please be sure that all recordings within the previous version have been published to your Echo360 library as these will not carry across to the new version. 

A short instructional video is available here

Using Universal Capture - Personal

Providing Information to students through video can be an excellent way of adding quality and interest to your online or blended unit.

The most efficient approach is to use Echo360 Online to both record and host the video. This guide takes you through the steps for this, and then for presenting the video within MyLO.

Echo360 Online

  • Open Echo360 Universal Capture - Personal
  • Set up the microphone, display, and webcam as you require
  • Enter a Title for the video and where you wish to publish to - note if you do not select a unit your recording will automatically publish to your Echo360 library.
  • Click Record
    • After a five-second countdown it will start recording from every input you specified above.
  • Click Stop - Upload in Progress will show
  • Recording will now be added to library and your unit, if selected.
    • Your personal library
      • Do not delete recordings from your Library if you have them in a unit as this will remove them from there also.
      • You can store videos here to be used in a unit at a later date
      • Your recordings will remain in your library even if you publish to a unit.
  • To then Publish these items into a MyLO unit. This can be set up as shown here: