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Echo360 Known Issues

Blank Screen on accessing Echo360 Recordings

Resolution: When adding the Echo360 Recordings (ALP) link into a MyLO unit the link needs to be opened as an external resource.

This is done by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the link > click on edit properties in place > check the open as external resource box.

The recordings will then open in a new browser window allowing the students to view them.

Lecturers can fix this issue.

Users unable to view Echo360 Recordings

We are getting reports about students getting blank pages in Echo360 or their content is just missing.

Echo360 have identified that due to recent changes the Class homepage will no longer load in pre-Chromium versions of Microsoft Edge. The pages are essentially blank.

A documented compatible browser list is available here (Echo360 will be updating this shortly to reflect this issue):

Until this is addressed, we recommend that they upgrade Edge to the most recent Chromium version, or else use an alternative browser to access Echo360 such as Chrome.

Echo360 Universal Capture Issue

Universal Capture will not launch on Windows Surface Devices

Press Stop in Venues Causing Issues

All recordings that are booked within a  venue are stopped automatically at five minutes to the hour. This then allows the system to prepare for the next recording. It is vital that you do not press stop during this stage. Doing so will cause the following lecture to not be recorded.

If you finish your lecture early, just leave it recording - do not press stop. You can edit out the end of your lecture once it has been processed and added to your library.