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Create Live Stream from UC Personal (Echo360's Desktop Capture)

Live Stream using Universal Capture - Personal

Important information:

  • You MUST select a section for the capture; Saving your Capture is disabled when LIVE Streaming is toggled
  • You may need to allow a minute or two for the live stream to begin after the recording starts.
  • Universal Capture will automatically create a new class in the course/section that you choose.

UC - Personal does not allow you to set a custom Capture Duration, the default live stream length is 4 hours. When you start an ad hoc live stream, the UC will keep recording and streaming until you stop it, you close the application, or the 4 hour limit is reached.

How do I know my recording is live?

  • A red LIVE badge will appear in under your name on the software.
  • A green LIVE badge will appear next to the new class in the class List.

Initiating a Live Stream

1. Launch Universal Capture - Personal

2. Log in (if not already authenticated)

3. Click Edit capture details

  • 1) Title: Give your presentation a title (you can also add a description and tags if you wish)
  • 2) Quality:  Select a quality for the capture as desired
  • 3) Publish to: Select your unit from the dropdown.
  • 4) Live Stream: Check the Live Stream checkbox

4. Click SAVE to return to the Preview screen.

5. Select Inputs: From the dropdown arrows, select the sources you wish to record.

  • 1) Display
  • 2) Audio
  • 3) Second display or video (if required)

6. Click Record.  Please note that it can take up to 3 minutes for your Live Stream to be available for your students.

How do students view Live Streams?

Students can access Live Captures by the Class List which is accessed  via the Echo360 Recordings (ALP) link in your unit.

Who is watching the Live Stream?

You can click into your class (shown above) and see who is attending (limited to display only 100 attendees).

Note: Please don't watch the stream yourself - it will cause an audio loop that will likely be unpleasant for all involved!