MyLO - My Learning Online

Using Browser Capture in Easy Embed

It is now possible to create and embed a recording 'on the fly' within your unit using the web browser based video recording application - Echo360 Browser Capture or Universal Capture - Personal.

To create, record and embed a video into a content window

  • Log in to MyLO.
  • Open the Unit in MyLO where you want to post the video.
  • Add an announcement, module, discussion post or other content item where you want to add the video.
  • Click the Insert Stuff button, identified by the arrow in the above figure.
  • If necessary, scroll through the Insert Stuff list to find the Echo360 plugin. It is clearly named Echo360. Click on this.

  • Click on  Create new Media
  • Select  Launch Browser Capture or Launch Universal Capture
  • Launch Browser Capture will open in a new Browser
  • Launch Universal Capture will open the desktop software

Once you have completed your recording and it says Complete you can close the tab.

  • Click on Library
  • Select  the recording that you have just done
  • Click Next and then Insert

Your recording will now be embedded into the content page in your unit.