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Student Access to MyLO

Information on when a student can access MyLO and their units is found here: Access to MyLO and your Units

Effective as from 15 May 2018 there will be a change to the integration of data between the Student Management System (SM) and MyLO, as requested and approved by the TELT Governance Group.

This change will remove students from a MyLO unit’s active class list if they have been awarded the following combinations of Study Package Status/Grade Status in SM:







Withdrawn deemed failed

Student withdrew from a unit after the census date

The change is backdated to 1 January 2018, and will impact any students awarded these statuses during the current year.

The student will remain visible to Lecturers and Tutors within the MyLO unit via the withdrawals list populated under enrolment statistics, but will no longer be able to access content or receive communications for the affected unit.

The existing process that removes MyLO unit access from students who withdraw pre census date will remain unchanged.

Additionally this change will not affect the Student Engagement process currently being undertaken. Students identified through this process are treated as withdrawn pre census date.

You will still be able to view a withdrawn student grades and assessments: Viewing a Withdrawn students grades