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Create a Grade Item (& Category)

Before you create Grade Items and Categories for your unit, make sure you have set up your Gradebook appropriately.

Creating a Grade Category.

  1. Select the Grades link on the navbar
  2. Select the Manage Grades tab.
  3. Select to create a New Category, or select an existing Category to edit as per step 4.
    New category
  4. Enter a title for the category in the Name field as per the instructions set out here. Note: installing MyLO Mate will assist with the setup of category names for use in MyResults.  An example of this is below.
    Edit an existing category
  5. In the Grading section - enter the number that represents the overall weighting for the assessment in the Weight field as per set out in your unit outline.
  6. Select the radio button that best represents how you wish the calculation and distribution of weightings to contribute to the overall weighting for the category
  7. Select the Save and Close button.

A video guide on how to update your Grade Categories for use in MyResults is below:

To Create a Grade item within Gradebook:

  1. Select the New button and select Item from the drop-down menuSelect Item
  2. Select the Numeric link
  3. Enter a meaningful title for the assessment task in the Name field (e.g. Clinical Governance Business Case) - this is what the student sees
  4. Enter a short and simple name for the assessment task in the Short Name field (e.g. AT2) - this is what you and other teaching staff see in the spreadsheet view
  5. Select the appropriate Category from the drop-down menu
  6. Enter the number that represents full marks for the task ( in the Maximum Points field
  7. Enter the weighting the task carries towards the overall mark for the unit in the Weight field
  8. Ensure that the default UTAS Grades scheme is selected.
    Grade settings
  9. If the task will be assessed outside of the Quizzes, Discussion or Assignments tools (e.g. Oral Presentation): Select the Add Rubric button and then in the pop-up window, select the checkbox next to the relevant rubric and select the Add Selected button. (see How to set up a Rubric)
  10. Select the Restrictions tab
  11. If you wish to hide the grade item from view or put in availability dates you can do so here. Tick to display the item in the unit calendar if desired.
  12. Select the Save and Close button
    Grade settings
  13. The Grade item can now be associated with an assessment task in your unit.