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Hiding Final Assessment Results

Hiding Final Scores

This guide details the steps involved in ensuring that the final assessment grade item and the overall calculated grades within a subject are not displayed to students. For further information on how to set up your Gradebook please refer to this guide.

Note: That unless you have ticked the option to automatically release your final grades (which is off by default), the release of these grade items is a manual process. Final results are processed via MyResults.

Setup Wizard (Gradebook settings)

The first step is to ensure that the Gradebook settings are set so that the final calculated grade item is not displayed to students. 

  1. Click Grades in the navigation bar
  2. Click the Setup Wizard tab
  3. Click Start
  4. Select the Weighted Grading System
  5. Click the radio button to the left of Calculated Final Grade and ensure that the Automatically release final grade option is left unchecked. Press Continue.
    Calcualted grade
  6. Select to Treat ungraded items as 0 and tick the item Automatically keep final grade updated. Click Continue.
  7. Check UTAS Grades and continue
  8. Ensure the checkbox to the left of Display final grade calculation to users is un-checked
  9. Click Continue then Finish.
    Uncheck item for student view

A table of the recommended Grade settings is below.




Grading System Weighted  

Final Grade Released

Calculated Final Grade


Automatically Release Final Grade

Unticked – Final Grade should not be released


Grade Calculations – Ungraded Items

Treat ungraded items as 0

Drop Ungraded items

If this setting is chosen it will need to be updated to Treat ungraded items as 0 before commencing finalisation of marks & import into MyResults

Grade Calculations - Auto Update

Automatically keep final grades updated


Update the display of Final Calculated Grades

The final calculated columns are altered so that if the score is published to students, they will still not be viewable.

Final Calculated Grades

  1. Select Grades on the NavBar. Then press on the Manage Grades tab.
    Select Grades then manage grades
  2. Select the dropdown arrow to the right of Final Calculated Grade and Select Edit
    Choose Calculated Grade

Under the heading Display Options > Student View:

  1. Check the box to the left of Override display options for this item
  2. Select the following:
    1. Points grade – unchecked
    2. Weighted grade – unchecked
    3. Grade scheme symbol – unchecked
    4. Grade scheme colour – unchecked
    5. Click Save and Close
      Change display options for students

Hide Final Assessment Task Score

These steps detail how to hide the final assessment task score from students from within the Grades.

  1. Click Grades on the NavBar
  2. Click the Manage Grades tab
  3. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the final grade item for the subject (e.g. Assessment Task 3)
  4. Select Hide from Users
    Hide grade item

Note: To ensure that students see no grades it is wise to hide the assessment item as well. This can be done from within the assignment or quiz tool using the same process as above.

If you are scoring directly into Turnitin Feedback Studio, quizzes or another tool, please contact for support.

Update User Progress Settings

In addition to individual and overall grade settings, there are other subject settings that will release scores to students. These can be updated with the MyLO MATE tool.

  1. Click Grades on the NavBar
  2. Click Open User Progress Settings in the top right-hand corner of the Grades screen
    Select Open User progress Settins
  3. Click Apply Common Hide Settings - this will untick the highlighted items so they do not appear in the User Progress Tool for the student to  view.
    Apply settings