MyLO - My Learning Online

Marking Assignments Offline

There are three main methods for marking assignment submissions to MyLo.

  1. The built-in MyLo Evaluate Submission process.
  2. TurnItIn Feedback Studio
  3. Downloading submissions and marking with 3rd party software.

Assignment Folders page

  • Marking Assignments using Turnitin 1Select Assignments from the Assessments menu.
  • Select the assignment you wish to assess.
    • Hint: assignments that have TurnItIn enabled have a small symbol after their name.

To view your Assignment folder Submission options scroll to the bottom of the Properties tab.

Assignment Submission options

Step One - Download the Assignments.

If your students have submitted their assignments via MyLo this is how you download them onto your computer.  Skip this step if your students submit their assignments by hand, email, etc..

Submissions page

  • Assignments - downloadMake sure you are in the Files tab.
  • Select the file(s) you wish to download
    • To select all the files click the tick box beside the Download link.
  • Click Download
    • A new window pops up with a ZIP file.  This is a single ZIP file that contains all the assignments you selected.  
    • Click on the ZIP file to download to your computer.  Assignments - zip
    • Find where you downloaded it to on your computer and double-click in the ZIP file to extract it's contents.

Step Two - Mark the assignments offline

Use your preferred method to mark assignments.

Step Three - Enter score into MyLo and upload marked assignments

  • Feedback boxRefer to Marking Assignments using MyLo for detailed instructions on entering assignment marks into MyLo.
  • Use the Feedback Box's Add a File to upload the marked assignment from your computer.
  • If you wish to upload your feedback files in bulk ( in one go rather than one by one) refer to this help guide: Uploading Marked Assignments

Releasing results

To instantly release your feedback to a student click Publish on the student's Evaluate Submissions page. To release all your students grades at once:

Publish FeedbackTo hold back releasing individual results and do it for the whole class at the same time:

  • For each student click Save Draft on the student's Evaluate Submissions page
  • When you are ready to release all the results:
    • Go to the Submissions page
    • Select all the students
    • Click Publish Feedback. You will get a confirmation message as below. GradeMark will be visible to students immediately ( whether a score has been added within Turnitin or not).

Grademark release date

Note: If you publish feedback for one student this will release the GradeMark feedback for all students. If you do not wish your students to view this feedback un-tick the option to allow students to view their originality reports beforehand. More information is here

Note: It is important that you select Publish Feedback to publish scores and feedback within GradeMark® to the selected students. If you Publish Feedback elsewhere the students will not be able to view the GradeMark comments.