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Group Assignments vs Group Restrictions on an Assignment

This guide will go through the steps of creating a group assignment and look at the difference between creating a group assignment versus putting a group restriction on an individual assignment.

Group Assignments:

Group assignments allow you to have one submission per group. Any group member can submit and view files for a group assignment submission folder.  When evaluating the group, you give a grade and feedback for the whole group - the grade and feedback is given to each member of the group.

Choose group folder and choose your group categoryCreate your  assignment as per instructions found in this guide: Creating an Assignment Folder, however choose the option to create a Group assignment folder instead of an Individual folder. Once you have chosen this option select the Group Category you want associated for this assessment.

Once created it will have a Group Icon next to the folder name:  Group icon

View your submissions and evaluate and mark as per normal.Submitted groups screen

  1. The default is to show Submitted groups. Change this to all groups if you want to view all groups by pressing Show Search Options.
  2. This column shows the Submission date. If using MyLO Mate you can change your submission views from here
  3. This is the Group name
  4. Who submitted the file and when. Any user in the group can submit a file.

The grade and feedback given will go to each student in the group. 

Group Restrictions on Assignments:

If you want to create an assignment but restrict it to a specific group- such as all Launceston students, or all External students, then you do this by creating an assignment following the steps as shown in this guide: Creating an Assignment Folder. Select to create and attach a restrictionThis will mean that only that group will be able to see the assignment folder and be able to submit to it.

On the Restrictions tab select Create and Attach

Choose Class-list/ Group Enrolment and select the Group you want to have access then press Create.Choose your groups

All users in that group will see the assignment and be able to upload their assessments. In the case of this restriction- all members of the Hobart Campus group will see and submit to this folder.Restriction added so only that group sees the assignment folder