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Self Enrolment and Set Capacity

Creating a number of groups with a set capacity for students to self-enroll in.

Manage Groups page

  • Create Groups 1From the Unit Home click Groups in the menu.
  • Click New Category

New Category page

  • Create Groups 2Fill out the details for this new category
    • Select Enrollment Type to "# of Groups, Capacity of # – Self Enrolment"
    • If Group Prefix is left blank the group prefix will be "Group"
  • Select the Advanced Properties or Additional Options if required
  • Click Save

Manage Groups page (again)

  • Create Groups 3Students can now self-enrol into the groups you have created.
    • Lecturers can manually add students to exceed the group membership.
    • Lecturers can edit the group membership.
    • Student can view group members before they join a group.
    • Student can leave a group and join a different group before the Expiry Date has been reached.
    • Student can see if a group is full.