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What is H5P?

What is H5P?:

H5P is a plugin that enables users to create interactive content - such as videos, quizzes, presentations and games. There is now an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) link available for users of Brightspace. The LTI functionality allows us to fully integrate H5P within MyLO, and content can be created directly into any HTML file in the system - such as web pages, discussions and announcements via Insert Stuff. All content is stored in a data-centre in Australia.

Victoria University and Saint Stephens College have both shown an increase in student engagement and retention since using H5P content throughout their courses. Information on H5P can be found here:

Accessing H5P:

You will be automatically added to our institutions version of H5P if you click on the Insert Stuff link within content in MyLO. However, to access H5P outside of MyLO in order to easily create and share your content with others to collaborate on you will need to create a password.

To Create your account:

To create your account first go to any section of MyLO that allows you to create HTML content. Press on Insert Stuff and select H5P. This will create your author account within the system and allow you to create items.

Insert stuff

Insert stuff

To Access H5P outside of MyLO:

Do this once you have created your account by using the above method.

Press on :

You will be prompted with a login screen:

Enter your UTAS email Address.

The first time you press on this link you will need to create a password :

Send me a password link

Pressing on the link will give you a confirmation message. An email will be sent to you from H5P with a link.

Email from H5P

Set and confirm your password then you should be right to login:

Set our password

You will now be able to access the UTAS instance of H5P:

Access H5P

Note: This password is not related to your UTAS password- this password will not update when you change your UTAS password.