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About Grade Book Mastery View

The Grade book Mastery View is an additional page of the Grades tool that provides an overall suggested level of achievement for each learning outcome and each student within a unit based upon a selected calculation method. The overall level of achievement can be automatically suggested or manually evaluated. In addition, lecturers can turn off the overall achievement suggestions to manually evaluate levels of achievement or can override suggested levels of achievement to apply their professional judgment.

The view provides background information to facilitate discussions with students. It provides a single overview of class performance related to outcome comprehension and mastery of topics. The overview can  be a tool to share with students in the class, or it can be hidden from student view and used only by lecturers.

The Mastery View does not affect any of the functionality of the Grades view. It does provide an alternative view of student achievements in the unit. The evaluation data collected and summarised in the Mastery View does not impact the lecturer evaluation workflow if learning outcomes are currently aligned to the assessments and being evaluated.  Mastery view displays that same set of evaluation data in a different way.  The classic Grades View displays graded assessment activities as the columns of the table with the overall grade score for the activity as the cell data for each student row.  The Mastery View displays the outcomes being evaluated in the unit as the columns of the table with a suggested or manually determined overall level of achievement as the cell data for each student row.

To view the Grade book Mastery View, click Mastery on the view switcher at the top of the grade book page.

Grade mastery View option

The view switcher is enabled when the setup and configuration items have been completed ( i.e. the learning outcomes have been created and associated with an assessment).  If those items have not been completed or the tool is not enabled, then the view switcher does not appear.