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About Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The intended learning outcomes (ILOs) of a unit are what students should know, understand and be able to do once they have completed the unit. MyLO has a Learning Outcomes tool that allows the unit coordinator to specify the learning outcomes relevant to their unit, align those outcomes to specific activities and assessments and view student achievement of outcomes

Understanding the Learning Outcomes workflow

The Learning Outcomes solution in MyLO supports unit co-ordinators  to use outcomes-based education methodology in their units. The Learning Outcomes tool provides this ability by using the settings and options you can configure in other MyLO tools, such as Rubrics, Assignments, and User Progress, to create an overarching solution. At a high level, the solution uses the following workflow:

Achievement Scales

Achievement Scales are set in the Learning Outcomes tool by an administrator.  The University of Tasmania has an achievement scale that uses the terms Achieved and Not Yet Achieved .

Achievement scale


Rubrics provide a scoring guide that instructors can use to evaluate a learner's success with Assignments, Discussions, and grade items. The criteria on a rubric can align with learning outcomes, and the scores can map to achievement scales. Based on the assessed scores, the rubrics can generate suggestions for learning outcome achievement.  See this guide for more information about using Rubrics with Learning Outcomes