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Associate Learning Outcomes to an Assignment

Associate learning outcomes with an Assignment

To align outcomes to assignments using the new create and edit assignments experience:

  1. Within a unit, click Assessments on the navbar, then select Assignments.
  2. Create a new assignment or edit an existing assignment.
  3. Click Learning Outcomes.
    Click learning outcomes
  4. Select the check box of the outcomes you want to align with the assignment.
    Select the Outocmes
  5. Click Save.
  6. To remove the aligned outcomes, click X.

    Figure: The create and edit Assignments page with selected learning outcomes

If using the older version of the  Assignment tool Edit your assignment. Select the Learning Outcomes Tab and press Add Learning Outcomes.
Select Outcomes

You can also add Learning Outcomes to an Assignment by adding a Rubric.

See instructions on how to associate outcomes with a rubric here.

If you allow your students to view the rubric before being marked they will get this view:

Student view of Rubric in assignment

Student view of Learning Outcomes