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Email within MyLO

In MyLO you can send email to your Lecturer, tutor or group - but you cannot receive mail within MyLO itself. To access all email you will still need to login to Office 365.

How to access Email from within MyLO:

To access Office 365 so that you can see your received mail as well as send email, access Office 365 from one of the two ways provided from within MyLO:

  • You can access Office 365 from the MyLO landing page from the Other Systems link in the navigation bar. Accessing email via this method will allow you to send email. However you cannot receive email hereClick the link within Other systems on the MyLO homepage
  • On the MyLO landing page there is an Office 365 widget underneath your calendar. Press on Mail to access your email.Access email via the Office 365 widget on the homepage

Email Settings:

If you press the email icon in the top navigation bar as seen above, a Compose New Message window will open.

From here you can insert the email address and subject of the email, you then add your content, add any attachments and press send. From here you can also access the Sent Mail option- this will show you all the emails you have sent from within MyLO (not from within Office 365).

Email options from navigation bar To change your settings press on the settings icon.

Within the settings you can add an email signature and send a copy of any email you send to your UTAS email address.Email settings options

How to send an email from within MyLO:

The easiest way to send email is from within your unit. You can do this from within the classlist or in the groups tool.

  • From within your unit go to the classlist. In this example the student is emailing their Lecturer. Press the lecturer tab.
  • Select your lecturer/s and press emailSelect who you want to email and press email
  • In a new window  you will be able to compose your email. The email address/es and unit name will be automatically entered for you. You can then just enter your text, add any attachments as needed and press send.Email address and unit name is added automatically when emailing from the classlist or group tool

Viewing Email Messages Sent from within MyLO

To view email that you have sent  from within MyLO  you will need to access MyLO Email from the Other Systems group on the MyLO Landing page navigation bar.
The email icon allows you to send mail

Then select Sent Mail in the Right hand corner. You will now see all the mail that you have sent from within your MyLO Units.Sent Mail

Sent mail list