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MyCert Reporting

MyCERT is a certificate printing system created by the University Of Tasmania. The MyCERT printing system automates the process of printing certificates for participants within a MyLO unit based on a grade item. To receive a certificate by email, the participant must successfully obtain a set pass mark within grades. Information on MyCERT can be found here.

In order to run reports on staff within your department who have completed specific units within MyLO, you will have to firstly request reporting access via the Service Desk.

Once this has been completed you can then access MyCERT to run your reports.

Login to MyCERT here:

On the first tab will be a list of certificates that you have received yourself. These can be downloaded and stored as PDF files.You can download your own certificates

Press on the Reporting tab.

You can look up a specific user to see if they have completed a course, or you can do an entire search for a particular certificate. Searching can be done at the College or School level.

Reporting tab in MyCERT

An overview of the Reporting Interface:

  1. Search for a specific user to see if they have completed a course
  2. Enter your search dates -  from and date to ( you will want to change this date to today's date)
  3. Select the Year of the certificate you are searching on, and the Certificate name
  4. Add a College to search on or a Specific School.
  5. Press Search.
Note : If running a search on a user only, there is no need to enter College or School information- just enter the users name, and the other required information.ALl user certificates

To run a report on a specific College, choose your College and press on Add College. This will then add all the associated Schools below.

Update the dates, choose your certificate and press Search.

Search for a user

To run a report on a specific School, choose your College and then select the School from the options below and press on Add School. You can add more than one school at a time to search on.

Update the dates, choose your certificate and press Search.

Search by department

A list of users who fit your specifications will appear beneath. This can then be exported by pressing on View Printable Report. Data can be exported as Excel, PDF or Word. You can press on Clear Departments at any time to begin a new search.

Please note: you will only have access to search on Departments relevant to your needs.

Exporting the report

Please note that the MyCERT system stores a department against the user on a certificate at the time they completed the certification in MyLO and it "downloads" to MyCert. As MyCERT is updated automatically when departments change this could mean a loss of historical reporting capability if a users department no longer exists.

If you are requiring specific department data, this should be downloaded regularly.