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Quick Eval

Quick Eval offers lecturers and tutors a single location to view all student submissions that are awaiting evaluation. Submissions made to Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions are displayed in a sortable list and can be selected to take you directly to their assessment page. You can sort, filter, and search submissions to prioritise their evaluation work.

You can access Quick Eval in two ways. From the MyLO Landing page ( this requires you have a role of Staff)  or from within any unit that you have either a Support, Tutor or Lecturer role within the Assessments group on the navigation bar.

Access Via Homepage

Access via your Unit

Below is an overview of the Quick Eval screen:

  1. You can view by Activities or by submissions
  2. Sorting can be done using the first or last name of the student, Activity Name, Course Name, and Submission date.
  3. Filtering can be done using one or more of the following categories: Activity Name, Course Name, and Submission Date.
  4. Pressing on the student name will take you to the assessment directly within the unit to mark.
  5. This icon will appear if the items has been saved as draft

Quick Eval overview

You can filter by specific unit, date or activity by selecting from the drop-down options or putting in a search.

Filter view

Clicking on a user’s name opens an evaluation screen directly from the Quick Eval list where the marker can complete their assessment using the normal assessment tools.  Once you complete an evaluation, publish your feedback or save it as a draft and then return to the Quick Eval list to continue evaluating. Any assessment awaiting evaluation, or with its evaluation saved in draft status displays in Quick Eval.

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