MyLO - My Learning Online

Using an Attendance Register

Attendance records for tutorials, practicals, workshops and lectures can be entered directly into MyLO.

To take attendance for groups smaller than the whole class, such as a tutorial class, it is best to have these groups set up in MyLO. Before taking attendance, a register needs to have been created

  Attendance Status
None No attendance status recorded
P Present
A Absent

Attendance Registers page

  • Attendance Register 1From the Unit Home pull down the Assessments menu and select Attendance.
  • Click on an Attendance Register

Attendance Data page

  • Attendance Register 2Click the Attendance Icon next to the session name you want to work on.

Set Attendance Data page

  1. Attendance Register 3If your students are divided into groups it may be easier to mark attendance per group. To do this:
    • Change the View By to Groups (then click Apply)
    • Select a group (then click Apply)
    • By default the system only lists 20 student per page.  Change this to 200 per page so that everyone is listed. The example above is showing all users.
  2. Assuming most students attended the session with only a few absent, it's easier to set the status for everyone at once then change it for a few.
    • Press on Set Status for all Users.
      • The Set Status for Selected Users box pops up.
      • Change the status to P (for present)
      • Click Save.
  3. Find the students who didn't attend the session and change their attendance status to A (for absent)
  • When you are happy with your changes click Save
  • Click Close.

Attendance Data (again)

  • Attendance Register 4The attendance data for the session you just marked is now shown.