MyLO - My Learning Online

Using the UTAS Mobile App to Access MyLO

MyLO adapts responsively to different device sizes. This means it looks great on laptops, tablets and smart-phones. You can access MyLO easily on your phone via the UTAS mobile application - which has links to other useful sites such as the Library, campus maps and key dates. You can download the UTAS app from the App Store or Google Play

Mobile App

Press on MyLO within the Application.

MyLO landing pageThis will open up MyLO. To access units or other information  press on the burger menu in the left hand corner.

Links and Waffle Access your units by scrolling down to the My Units widget or by pressing the Waffle and searching for your unit here.

Unit Homepage Once you have selected your unit you will be taken to the homepage. The Burger menu in the left hand corner will allow you to access Unit Content.

Press on content Press on Content to view your weekly content / modules.

View of Content You can now view the content available to you. You can use the search feature to easily find and resources. Press on the Burger menu to access discussions or assessments.