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Recreating Padlets in content that has been Copied Over

When you copy content from one unit to another- either via using the Previous delivery option in MyLO Manager, or manually via Copy Components in MyLO - this will include any Padlets that you have added as either a link or embedded in a webpage.

In order to ensure that the previous units' posts are kept intact it is important not to just choose to clear the posts in the new unit- as this will remove the posts made by students in the other unit.

Instead, the recommendation is to copy the existing Padlet if you wish to reuse it and then add this new Padlet to the new unit.

Select the Padlet you wish to clone. Press on the three-dot menu:

Other settings

Select Remake:

Select Remake

Rename the title of the Padlet and edit the description as needed. Ensure that you select to Copy the design - so the theme etc is the same ( this can be edited afterwards) and tick the option to Copy people and Privacy to ensure that the same Privacy settings are allocated to the Padlet- that it is Org wide and that visitors can write. Press Submit.

Remake the Padlet with the correct settings.

Your new Padlet will be ready to insert into content.

You can now remove the link to your old Padlet and insert the link to the new one without all the previous student exchanges.