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How To add PebblePad and ATLAS to your Unit

How to Add both the PebblePad & ATLAS link to your unit:

  • Login to your unit and access Content
    Access content
  • Create a new Module For PebblePad and press on Existing Activities/External Learning Tools
    Press on Existing Activities
  • Select the PebblePad Pebble + link
    Select PebblePad +
  • Follow the process again and select the PebblePad ATLAS link
  • Both links will now be in your new module
  • Select to Edit Properties in-Place of each link
    Select Edit Properties in place
  • Select to Open as External resource. This will mean the page will open in a new tab, and it will be easier to view and use.
    Open as an external resource
  • The PebblePad ATLAS link is for staff only. To ensure only staff can see this link in content, change the status of the link to Draft. All staff within the unit will still be able to access this link.
    ATLAS link should be set to draft