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FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation

Group Member Evaluation Assignments are an opportunity to collect feedback about teams or groups and their members. Students can reflect on the group experience and provide confidential feedback to staff, addressing the performance and contributions of individual members, including a self-evaluation. Lecturers create the review structure and assign to particular group or all groups within a unit. Students can receive marks for participation, writing a set number of comments, writing a reflection and reviewing feedback.

To add this to your unit:

  • Log into MyLO and go to your unit. Press on Content.
  • Create a new Module or go to an assessment Module.
  • From Existing Activities select FeedbackFruits. The first time you add FeedbackFruits you will need to agree to accept the conditions. Select Group Member Evaluation from the options.
  • Note: once the link is in content you can edit the link's title by selecting to edit properties in place.

Pick FeedbackFruits Group member evaluation

FeedbackFruits will open in a new window where you fill in all the details. Each area is in sections that you can add and remove as needed.

Add activity

  1. Enter a name for the Group Evaluation
  2. It will be easier to edit if you press on to open in full-screen mode
  3. If you have previously used FeedbackFruits before you have the option to copy an existing activity. This will copy over all content including rubrics and instructions.
  4. Enter the instructions for the assignment here and complete the sections.

Further information  and instructions on the sections can be found here:

Note: that if you choose for students to work as a group or review within groups these will be synched from within the MyLO unit for you to choose from.

Further information on Group Member Evaluation can be found on the FeedbackFruits website:

If you are using grades within  FeedbackFruits these will synch with the gradebook in MyLO.

The video  below shows you the student  perspective of  the Group member Evaluation tool within MyLO: