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Best Practice for Live Proctoring with Zoom and the Quiz Tool

This guide assumes that you have set up a quiz within MyLO already and have set up Live Proctoring for the quiz following the instructions here.

Overview / Instructions

Invigilation with Respondus and ZOOM works much in the same way as Respondus with Respondus video monitor.

Key differences

Students join the invigilation ZOOM room prior to starting the quiz

Students should join the ZOOM room by 5 minutes past exam start time at the latest

Suggested start procedure is as follows

  1. Student joins ZOOM room
  2. Students can ask questions (5 mins)
  3. Students are asked to mute microphone and ensure camera is turned on
  4. ID and surroundings check
  5. Student opens browser and accesses quiz in MylO
  6. Student is provided with code to start quiz (slide1)

Suggested running procedure is as follows

  1. All students are in the Quiz
  2. Support slide shared to screen (slide2)
  3. If a student initiates raise hand function, then that student and UC are taken into breakout room and support provided

Instructions for Educational Technologists/UC

ZOOM room set up

  • Participants must Authenticate to join – Only authenticated users can join
  • Chat - By default, allow participants to chat with Host and co-hosts [ZOOM profile settings – in meeting basic]
  • Disable Private Chat
  • Mute participants on Entry [ZOOM schedule settings]
  • Start meeting with Participants video on [ZOOM schedule settings]

ZOOM room start up

  • Create 2 breakout rooms and name them SUPPORT and SUPPORT QUEUE
  • Select Security tab and uncheck share screen, rename and unmute themselves
  • Request participants turn on their cameras
  • Share screen with security code and timing information

UC set up

  • Provide clear instructions for students in MylO – see attached
  • Provide students with your email address and phone number (this is needed if the internet connection has been lost)

Instructions for Students

MyLO Guide Page Example:

MyLO guide page example

Zoom information for students

An Example of the Start Slide for your quiz.

The Pass code will be different for each quiz.

Example start slide

An example of the In Session Slide for your quiz.

Example in session slide