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Creating a quiz

Quizzes can be used for both formative and summative assessment.

There are a range of possibilities in relation to the way a quiz is set up, so this guide shows the steps for a ‘typical’ quiz used for diagnostic and progress checking purposes. The example below assumes that a number of quiz questions have already been created- as shown here, however you can create and add your quiz questions as you go.

  • Quiz - new quizLog in to MyLO
  • Navigate to your Unit
  • Click on the Quizzes link
  • Click on the New Quiz button

Quiz save buttonSave your work

At the bottom of each tab there is a save button. You can save and close at any time.

Quiz Screen Layout Below

The  create and edit screen in Quizzing has the same layout as Assignments, making it familiar and easy to learn.

New quiz experience

  1. Enter a name for your quiz
  2. Input a grade amount. Select an existing grade item to associate the quiz with or create a new one.
  3. Add a due date for your quiz
  4. Add a meaningful description for your quiz
  5. Select or create new quiz questions from your question library. See " Questions to your Quiz" below
  6. Easily opt- out of the new  experience by pressing on the drop-down menu
  7. Add your Dates and special conditions
  8. Select a time limit for your quiz More on Timing can be found in this guide
  9. Add the number of attempts for the quiz, and add the quiz to a category if used
  10. Select how to publish the quiz and choose the submission view students will see on completion.
    1. Press on Customise Quiz Results  to choose what your students see upon completion of the quiz. You can edit the Default View by pressing on the link and changing any setting you wish, or add an additional view. You can place date restrictions on these if you do not want students to view answers until a certain time is reached.
      Customise Quiz display
    2. Auto-publish

      Users can see their score as soon as they submit their attempt if Auto-publish attempt is ticked. Uncheck this option if you have quiz questions that require manual grading such as Short or Long answer questions.

      Sychronise to grade book on publish- With this feature turned on, the users grade will be automatically published to the grade book once it has been evaluated.

      Note: Both settings must be turned on for grades to be automatically sent to the grade book.

  11. The default setting is for your quiz to be hidden from student view. Switch on visibility so students can access when you are ready and save.

Adding Questions to your Quiz

To create a quiz you need to have already created a list of questions.