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Creating a quiz

Quizzes can be used for both formative and summative assessment.

There are a range of possibilities in relation to the way a quiz is set up, so this guide shows the steps for a ‘typical’ quiz used for diagnostic and progress checking purposes. The example below assumes that a number of quiz questions have already been created- as shown here, however you can create and add your quiz questions as you go.

  • Quiz - new quizLog in to MyLO
  • Navigate to your Unit
  • Click on the Quizzes link
  • Click on the New Quiz button

Quiz save buttonSave your work

At the bottom of each tab there is a save button. You can save and close at any time.

Quiz - Properties tabProperties tab

  • Give the quiz a meaningful name
  • If you have a number of different quizzes that are used for different purposes you may wish to select or add a Category.
  • Click "Add/Edit Questions" to set up the quiz questions
  • Click on "Expand description / introduction" to enter a description
    • What the Quiz is about, how students might prepare for it, what knowledge and skills it is assessing, and other useful information
  • Set any other properties for the quiz.

Quiz - Restrictions tabRestrictions tab

  • Change the Status from Inactive to Active. Until a quiz is made active it cannot be viewed by students in the list.
  • Set the Start and End dates if required
    • and click "Display in Calendar"
  • Additional Release Conditions:
    • These contain more advanced release conditions if required.
  • Security Options
  • Optional Advanced Restrictions
    • You can set a password for the quiz if you like
  • Timing - set a time limit to complete the quiz
  • Special Access - give selected student special access to the quiz

Quiz - Assessment tabAssessment tab

  • Automatic Grade
    • Users can see their score as soon as they submit their attempt. Uncheck this option if you have quiz questions that require manual grading such as Short or Long answer questions.
    • This setting must be turned on for grades to be automatically sent to the grade book.
  • Grade Item
    • Associating a grade item with a quiz allows quiz results to be automatically linked to the Grades tool.
  • Auto Export to Grades
  • Rubrics
  • Attempts
    • Attempts Allowed
    • Overall Grade Calculation

The view the student sees when submitting their quizSubmission Views

  • This is what a student sees when they first submit their quiz. You can edit the Default View by pressing on the link and changing any setting you wish, or add an additional view. You can place date restrictions on these if you do not want students to view answers until a certain time is reached.

Add reportsReports

  • The reports tab allows you to create a number of reports about your quiz, and user responses.

Adding Questions to your Quiz

To create a quiz you need to have already created a list of questions.