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New Quiz Builder Experience

The new Quiz Builder experience is an updated work-flow within the existing Quizzes tool for creating, importing, editing, deleting, and reordering questions, question pools, and sections within quizzes. It streamlines the quiz creation and editing process without compromising advanced features.

Currently this tool is turned On(Opt-In) for University of Tasmania Staff. This means that in the first instance you will see this new experience as the default view when adding or editing questions to your quiz, but up until July, you will be able to use the old version of the quiz builder as well.

More information on the new Quiz Builder and its features can be found here:

New Quiz Expereince message

To switch to the older quiz builder select to Turn it Off as see above:

Choose to turn the new version back on by selecting the drop-down triangle when adding or editing your quiz questions.

Select the dropdown menu

Select to Turn it on.

Choose the new experience