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New Rubric Creation Experience

The new rubric authoring tool gives you a streamlined approach to authoring rubric levels and criteria. You can now opt-in for the new rubric creation experience. This includes the following enhancements:

  • Quickly create and edit rubric levels and criteria inline using an auto-save experience
  • Easily change rubric type and scoring method during rubric creation
  • Re-order criterion via drag and drop or keyboard
  • Improved logic for point-based rubrics, where new levels automatically follow existing point scoring sequences
  • Individual criterion cells in custom point rubrics dynamically scale when editing the criterion out-of value
  • Overall Score is visually separated from the rubric, displaying in its own section
To opt-in press on New rubric. If this is the first time you have created a new Rubric this message will open automatically. If you have dismissed the message you can open easily by pressing on the drop-down triangle in the right- hand of your screen:Open Triangel to turn on rubric option
This will open the message about the new Rubric Experience. Press Turn it On to view the new Rubric creator.

Turn it on

Everything you need to create your rubric easily is on the one Screen:New Rubric creator

  1. Put in your Rubric title
  2. Change the status of your rubric - finalised/ under development/ archived
  3. Change the type of rubric - holistic or analytic
  4. Change the Scoring method form no score to points or custom points

Further down the screen you have other options which you press on top open. This is where you choose the visibility of your rubric, whether to hide scores form students and where you associate the rubric with competencies( this is ticked automatically and this allows you to associate your rubric with an assessment once it is complete).

Rubric settings