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Turnitin AI Writing Detection

Turnitin have added an AI writing detection to the Similarity Report. To use it, you need to follow your usual Similarity checking workflow via MyLO. Note: Detection of AI writing can only be used for documents submitted in English.

Students will not see this AI detection score on their view of similarity reports when submitting to the practice Turnitin and Academic Writing Unit.

Click on the Similarity report within the assignment folder as shown below.

Access Turnitin via the assignment folder in your unit

When you launch the Similarity report you will be presented with the new AI indicator in the side panel. The indicator shows an overall percentage of the document that AI writing tools, such as ChatGPT, may have generated - 75% in the case shown below.

AI indicator

The AI indicator is linked to the AI report. To view the report click the IA indicator. The indicator and report will only be visible to teaching staff and administrators.

AI detection

  1. AI Indicator shows the same percentage as seen earlier
  2. Link to an FAQ page to provide additional information
  3. AI report highlights the text segments that the Turnitin model predicts were written by AI
  4. Pedagogical resources to support teaching staff

Click on the AI writing detection page to access additional feature information ( step two above).

An FAQ page is available here to download.