MyLO - My Learning Online

Creating your Online unit using MyLO manager

MyLO Manager is a tool used to request and maintain units in MyLO. There are four categories of units to choose from:

  • Award
  • Non-Award
  • Short Course
  • Sandpit

An Award Unit is a unit which is used for delivering online content such as lectures, assignments and quizzes. An Award Unit is any unit where students will receive a result towards a qualification and is associated with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree . Th e unit must be linked to one (or more) unit offerings from the Course and Unit Handbook.

A Non-Award Unit can be used in the same ways as an Award Unit; however there is no award associated with the outcome of this unit and it is not directly related to a undergraduate or post graduate degree. A Non-Award Unit is typically used for College or School wide areas as well as Staff and Student Development. Non-Award units are archived every year to avoid cluttering up users MyLO homepages.

A Short Course in a Non-Award unit not associated with an undergraduate or post graduate degree program. Short courses offer the opportunity for staff and students to enhance their professional skills and increase general knowledge. Examples of Short Courses are those offered by AMC Search.

A Sandpit Unit is a unit which belongs to an individual for experimenting and familiarisation purposes. You will not be able to add any students to a Sandpit Unit. However you can add staff to your Sandpit and give them Lecturer or Student access. You may choose to use a Sandpit to create content for copying to an Award unit. This can be done via a Template copy( covered below).

Choose a Sandpit Unit if you only want an area for experimenting with MyLO.

See the guide Requesting your Sandpit Unit (PDF 1.2 MB) for a simple set of instructions to set up a sandpit.

  1. Login to MyLO Manager is accessible with most web browsers, however we recommend using the most up-to-date versions of:
  • Safari
  • FireFox
  • Google Chrome
  • Enter your UTAS email address and password and then select Login.
  • From the MyLO Manager Home Screen you can Create Online Units and also Maintain any units you have access to.

    You will also be able to see the list of people (staff and Students) who are enrolled in a unit by clicking Options then Enrolments.

    Create an Award Unit

    To Create a new unit, select the Create Online Unit option, then select Enter Details

    Unit Details Tab

    Select the College, School, Discipline and Delivery Period. Access Dates can be modified as required

    For More Information on the Unit Information section please refer to the help document located here:  Editing the Unit Information Widget.  The options selected here will change the appearance of the Unit Information Widget within your unit's homepage. These options will only show up if you selected to create an award unit.

    Please note that Access End date means that the unit ends at the start of the date (So from 12.00AM onwards). On the end date your role will be changed (from Lecturer, Support or Tutor) to a past role, so that you will again have access to your unit within 24 hours of the unit ending.

    Once you have finished your selection press Next .

    Student Cohorts Tab

    Type a Unit Code or Unit Description into the applicable Search field. Wait for the search results to show in the resulting drop-down and then you must select the appropriate option to fill both the fields. Then select Add.

    The Search Unit Offerings window will appear as a new window. Select the desired offerings from this list, then select OK. Information on Campus Codes is here: Campus Codes

    Add multiple cohorts by searching again (following the steps above) or change any offerings using Select Cohorts.

    Select Next when Complete.

    Template Tab

    On the Template Tab, The Title of the unit can now be changed by selecting Edit. Note: unit codes cannot be removed from the prefix.

    If you have multiple codes in the title that are unwieldy, please put a job into the Service Desk to override this feature.

    Choose a template which is either:

    • A previous delivery. This will search for any unit which has been delivered or currently exists in MyLO.
    • A School/Faculty/Grouping Template. this list contains any Template your School or College has preconfigured for use by units.
    • Other - for any requests that don't fit into the categories above. Any units using this option will be attended to by the Service Desk.

    To Search for a previous delivery start typing in the field your Unit Code or Description. All associated previous deliveries will appear. Choose the one you want to use.

    Staff Tab

    The creator if the unit will be added automatically as a Lecturer. You can add any further staff who need access to the unit for teaching purposes here. If you are creating an Echo360 section for this unit you will need to select a role for each user who will need access to this section here as well.

    Search for staff to add to the unit by entering either their User Name, Staff ID, Surname, Given Name or Department grouping. Note: you do not have to enter all of these values.

    Change the role of the staff member if required.

    Additional Students Tab

    Add additional students not included by cohorts by searching with their User Name, Family Name, Given Name or Student ID.  This option is only available for Non-award units however if a student does need to be added to a unit in an emergency please log a job through the Service Portal. Note: any enrolments here will override actual enrolments in Student Management.

    Echo360 Tab

    Select the tickbox if an Echo360 section is required. This will automatically create  the section and ad the staff added with the Echo360 instructor role on the staff tab within 24 hours. On the MyLO Manager page select Next.

    Group Manager Tab

    A message will appear stating "Groups have not been created for this unit. Groups will be created when the unit is submitted". When you check back on this tab if you ever maintain your unit the following will appear.

    • A group for every unit code you have created
    • A group for every relevant mode of delivery
    • A group for every relevant campus

    These will appear in the groups tool in your unit in MyLO.

    Finally select Submit to complete the unit creation. The unit will now be located on the MyLO Manager Home screen and within MyLO. Once your unit is created by MyLO Manager you will receive an email confirming this.

    Please note that if you have used the option of Previous Delivery or a Template it can take up to an hour before the content from your previous offering is within your new unit in MyLO.

    Creating a Non-Award Unit or Short Course

    The Non-Award unit or Short Course request procedures are very similar to that of requesting an Award Unit. The differences are detailed below.

    Unit Details Tab

    When selecting a Non-Award unit you will be prompted to add a title  for your unit before you can enter further details.

    Student Cohorts Tab

    There are more options when adding student cohorts to your Non-Award. Note that you do not need to add  students to complete this tab. People added via this tab will be given the student role in the MyLO Unit.

    Add by:

    • Unit Enrolments (a in Award requests)
    • Staff by department (Enter the name e.g "IT Services: or " Faculty of...")
    • Students by Course Enrolment (eg. 13A o "Bachelor of...")

    Maintain A Unit

    You can use the search, filtering and category tabs to locate any unit you have access to.  You will be able to maintain and units where you have a Lecturer or Support role.

    When maintaining a unit you will be able to see the same options which were made available to you during your unit request.

    The fields which can be edited are as follows:

    • Title
    • Access dates
    • Add/change/remove student (and staff as student) cohorts. note at least one cohort must remain for Award units.
    • Add/change/remove staff roles
    • Add/remove additional students
    • You can export group information from the groups tab

    When you have finished making changes to your unit remember to select the Submit button to commit your changes. To discard your changes press cancel or close the window.