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How to Pin Units in the My Units Widget

What is a pinned unit?

Units exist in the Learning Management System (MyLO) in either a pinned or unpinned state for each user. Each individual user has control over which units they would like to be pinned or unpinned. This is to make it easier for you to access the units you need to on a regular basis through either the My Units widget or the “waffle” on the homepage.

How does pinning work?

You will automatically have units pinned in the My Units widget if you have 50 or less active units – this includes non-award units. More information on how the My Units widget adds units to the My Units widget can be found here.

There are two ways in which you can access your units within MyLO. The first option is to search for and access your units through the "waffle" or unit selector:

  • Login to MyLO
  • Press on the waffle in the right hand navigation area.
  • Type in your unit code or part of the title of your unit.
  • Press on the link to enter your unit
  • To pin your unit to the Unit Information widget select the pin on the right hand side

Search for your unit via the Waffle

The second way to access your units is via the My Units Widget on the homepage.

My Units widget

  • To pin units and set-up your homepage correctly you will need to click on View All Courses
  • From here you can  pin and unpin units so that they then show up in your My Units widget. You can search for particular units through the search feature, or you can use the filters to show only specific semesters of units for you to pin. You can tick more than one semester at a time.

Note: Currently we are unable to remove closed units from the My Units widget

Search for a unit or filter by semester

  • Once you have searched for your unit you can then pin any that you want by selecting Pin when pressing on the image.

Press Pin

  • Once you have pinned all your units press on the cross in the right hand side to close the page.

Close the page once you have pinned your units

  • Your units will now show in your My Units widget.

My Units widget with pinned units

  • To remove pinned units select unpin from within the My Units widget.

Un pin your units

Note: You can pin and unpin units at any time.