MyLO - My Learning Online

MyLO Manager: New Features

A number of updates have been made to MyLO Manager to make it more accessible and easier to use.

New features that will become available to all roles are:

  • Accessibility changes – hover text and icons added, colour scheme updated (no need to use high contrast option)
  • Preferences tab (Default Home Page) - ability to set your default home page to Basic (tiled) view or Advanced (grid) view
  • Preferences tab (Groups)
    • the ability to create groups with staff and roles attached that you regularly enrol in units.
    • These groups can be shared either by you to others, or to you
    • You can choose a default group
    • When searching for staff in groups the search will match on first name, last name, or username
  • Language – “Maintain” has now been changed to “Manage” (the ability to change a unit post creation)
  • Staff Tab within a Unit
    • Updated to accommodate the introduction of groups
    • Added the ability to create and enrol an ad hoc group either by searching for users or by copy/pasting a list of usernames
    • The ability to add or remove the Echo360 instructor role to all staff
    • Alert message added when Unit Coordinator &/or Echo360 Instructor role has not been assigned

More information on a few of these features are shown below.

Language changes:

  • When updating a unit within MyLO Manager you will now select Manage the unit rather than Maintain.
  • Rather than seeing a unit as Active, it will be displayed as a Current Unit.

New terminology within MyLO Manager

User Preferences:

Through user preferences, you will be able to choose which page layout you have as a default when logging into MyLO Manager -  the Basic view or the Advanced View.

Edit your User preferences

Select Edit Preferences and choose the view that is most suitable for your use. Upon saving the next time you log in to MyLO Manager you will get your preferred view. You can change this at any time.

Choose preference

User preferences also now has an option for you to create groups of staff that can be added to a unit in a single click, rather than having to search for each user separately. This is useful if you have a number of staff that require access to a number of units that you are creating. The groups can be shared amongst your team and each user can be allocated a different role as well as be given Echo360 instructor status.

Press on Staff Groups to be taken to the next screen.

Press on staff groups

Create groups options

  1. A list of the groups that you have created.
  2. Selecting this will allow you to create a new group
  3. You can see all the staff members of the group and you are able to select a personal or shared group as your default. You can also delete any group you have created.
  4. A list of your shared groups- you will be able to see who you have shared the group with.
  5. A list of the groups that have been shared with you.

Pressing on Create Group opens up a screen where you can give your group a name,  search for users to add and give them the appropriate role. Once saved you can edit your groups at any time and share them with others.Staff groups

Groups of users can then be easily added to the staff tab of a unit when you are creating or managing a unit: Upload group of users

  1. Select a Unit coordinator for your unit.
  2. Add your predefined group of users to the unit. Select to override the existing role if any of the users are already enrolled.
  3. Pressing on User Preferences will take you to the screen to create your groups.
  4. Ability to add all users as Echo360 instructors in one go.