MyLO - My Learning Online

Requesting a Sandpit Unit

You can request a MyLO Sandpit unit for practice purposes. This is a blank unit, with all tools available, which only you have access to.

  1. To request your Sandpit unit login to MyLO Manager:
  2. Login to MyLO Manager using your UTAS username and password. Press Login. YOu will only have to do this if you have not authenticated within another system first.
    Login to MyLO manager
  3. Click on Create Online Unit
    Create or maintain your units.
  4. Select Sandpit and Enter Details from the box that then appears.
    Choose Sandpit and Enter Details
  5. Review the unit details and click Next.
    Check your details then press Next
  6. Select the School/ Faculty Template option. You can choose your School Template or the UTAS Template. If you wish other content from other units to be imported into your unit, you can do this once the unit has been created by using the Import/ Copy Components tool. Press Next.
    Choose your School or Faculty template
  7. Check your details and choose your role (Lecturer or Unit Coordinator). Click Next to continue. Note: You can add other staff to your Sandpit unit here if you would like others to see your developments. You can also enrol them as students for testing purposes if needed. Staff can also be added through MyLO Manager at a later stage after you have created content.
    Add further staff if needed
  8. Check the box to add a 'dummy student cohort' to your unit (recommended), then click Next. 'Dummy students' are imitation students you can use to practice student management in your unit (groups, etc.).
    Add your dummy cohort and submit your request
  9. Click Submit to finalise your request. Your personal Sandpit unit will be available shortly for you to access when you log in to MyLO.