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Updating your Unit Homepage Image

After creating you unit via MyLO Manager your unit will appear in MyLO. Your unit will have an image associated with it - this image will be seen by users within the My Units widget on the homepage, and on the unit Homepage when you log in. While the unit is in Pending Creation status in MyLO Manager, an auto image is applied - see image below. The image within MyLO will synch with MyLO Manager within 15 minutes of being updated in MyLO.

MyLO Manager Auto image while unit is created

There are a few ways to change the banner image within your unit instead of keeping the one auto chosen for you.

My Units:

On the My Units widget press on the three dots to open up the pop-up information. Press on Change Image.

Select Change image

1. Put in a search term and press on search. This will then bring up a number of images for you to choose from. Select the image you want to use and press Use this Image.

Search for image

Use this image

2. You also have the option to Upload your own image. Press on Upload. Select to add a file via your PC or from within your Unit files. The image will then be added to your unit.  Images should be of a high quality and should be 2400x980 pixels, and should not include text.

Load file

Updating your Banner From within your Unit:

You are also able to change your Banner image from within your Unit. From here you have two other options - to change the text that appears on top of the banner image, and the ability to remove the banner image altogether. To change your Banner image press on the Banner in the right hand corner and select Change Image. Search for or upload your banner as per instructions above.

Change Banner image

Note: If you remove your Banner image and want this to reappear,  you will have to scroll to the bottom of your unit home page and select Display Homepage Banner.

Display Homepage banner