MyLO - My Learning Online

Updating your Unit via MyLO Manager

You can use the search, filtering and category tabs to locate any unit you have access to. You will be able to manage any units where you have a Lecturer or Support role.

To update your unit log in to MyLO Manager:

Search for the unit you wish to update, then press Manage.Press maintain

When managing a unit you will be able to see the same options which were made available to you during your unit request. The difference is that some fields are not able to be edited after you have submitted the unit request.

The fields which can be edited are as follows on the unit Details Screen:

Unit Details page

  1. Title - edit the title of your unit.
  2. Access dates - you can update the start or end date of your unit.
  3. You can change the option to have more than one Outline appear- one per unit code/ one per On Campus/Off-Campus.
  4. Tick or untick if you want links to the timetable and reading list in your unit information widget to appear for students.

Other fields that can be updated on the Student Cohort screen:

  • Add/Change/ remove student ( and staff as a student) cohorts. Note at least one cohort must remain for Award units. Removing a cohort will remove all students and their access to the unit. Press Change to add further cohorts for that Unit Code that are not showing.add students

On the Staff Screen:

  • Add/ change/ remove staff roles. Search for staff by ID or family name. Update a user's role by changing the option on the drop-down list.Update staff

On the Group Manager screen:

  • You can export group information from the groups' tab

When you have finished making changes to your unit, remember to select the Submit button to commit your changes. To discard your changes, press cancel or close the window.