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Uploading your unit Outline

This guide goes through the steps required to upload your Unit Outline so that it shows on the your unit homepage in the Unit Information widget. There is a pre-formatted link that has been set up in every award unit for the Unit Outline to sit in. This link ensures that students are always able to quickly and easily access the unit outline for each of the units they are enrolled in. Depending on your choice in MyLO Manager when creating your unit, your Unit outline will show up as a Word Document or PDF document:

Unit Information Widget

  1. Log into MyLO:
    Navigate to your unit.
    Click on the Admin & Help link. Then select Manage Files.
    Press on Unit Admin
  2. Click on the UnitOutline Folder. ( If this folder does not exist then create one by pressing on New Folder. It needs to be named UnitOutline. If you have used the previous delivery option ensure that all your content has come across before creating this folder).
    Press on the Unit Outline folder
  3. Delete the current UnitOutline.pdf file that is in the folder. To do this select the arrow to the right of the file. Choose Delete to delete the file.
    Delete the Unit Outline file
  4. Once the UnitOutline folder is empty press on Upload to load your new file.
    Press on upload
  5. Navigate to the Unit Outline location. Select the Unit outline file ( the file must be the same file type as stated in the Editing Unit information widget - either a PDF or Word document).  Note: You can drag and drop the file if you wish.
    Upload your new unit outline

    Click on the Save button.
  6. Now rename your unit file. Click on the arrow to the right of the file and select rename from the drop-down menu.
    Rename your file
  7. The file will need to be named correctly in order for it to work. Name your files as below then save:
    Save your renamed file
  • UnitOutline.pdf - if you chose the Adobe option in MyLO Manager
  • UnitOutline.docx - if you chose the Word option in MyLO Manager

The file must be named UnitOutline.pdf/ UnitOutline.docx If there is a space in the name of the file, the pre-formatted link will not work.

Note: If you have selected One Outline per code Or OnCampus/OffCampus the file names should be:

  • One Unit Outline per unit code: ABC123_UnitOutline.pdf
  • OnCampus/ OffCampus: OnCampus_UnitOutline.pdf and OffCampus_UnitOutline.pdf

To check your Unit Outline is working correctly:

  1. Once you have renamed your file you can check that the link works within your unit. Click on your Unit Name or Unit Home link.
    Go to your unit home screen

In the Unit information widget press on your Unit Outline. It should open in a new tab or window.

Tip: If you are still seeing your previous Unit Outline appearing, it may be due to your browser caching
the page. Try to clear your page by pressing ( Control F5) to see the link working.

The unit outline will now work from the Unit Information widget

  1. Note: If you have more than one Unit Outline chosen as an option within MyLO Manager, you will get a + sign and pressing on this will open a pop-up link so that you pick which Outline/ reading List to view:
    More than one Unit outline will give you a pop up window