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Blackboard Collaborate Troubleshooting

Audio and Video issues:

This page offers suggestions if you are having issues with the audio or video in a Blackboard Collaborate session. Make sure your browser is up to date as Collaborate only supports the most recent two stable channel releases of browsers.

Switch to Chrome or Firefox

For the best experience you should use the latest version of Google Chrome Browser or Firefox, if you are not using this already please re-join the session from the original join link using this browser.

Configure Audio and Video in Chrome and Firefox

You must give the browser permission to use audio and video to participate in a session. This is necessary so that you are seen and heard. These links provide instructions on how to set up your camera and microphone when using Collaborate Ultra via Chrome or Firefox:

Microphone is not working- participants cannot hear you:

  • Ensure that you have turned on your microphone in Collaborate. The microphone icon will appear green when it is on. If you do not see the microphone icon at all then moderators will need to give you permission to share audio.
    Ultra Microphone
  • Collaborate is reporting a permissions error or the microphone icon is not turning green when you try to enable it
    • Refer to the Blackboard Collaborate troubleshooting page that will help with browser permissions for your browser.
    • Try switching web browsers, preferably to Chrome or Firefox.
    • Try rebooting your computer, as sometimes other applications will lock the microphone, and rebooting your computer should fix this.
  • In Collaborate, your microphone icon is turning green to indicate that it is on but nobody can hear you
    • Ensure that you have the correct microphone selected and that it is working: Select My status and settings at the bottom left, select Settings (the gear icon), and select Set up your camera and microphone. Follow the prompts. If your computer has multiple microphones ensure that the correct microphone is selected.Audio test
    • Some headsets have mute and/or volume controls on them or on the cable. Ensure that the microphone is not muted and that the microphone volume is turned up.
    • Test your microphone here to see if it works
      • If this does not work, ensure that the microphone is not muted in the operating system and that the microphone volume is not set really low in your operating system. You may also try rebooting your computer.

Video is not working:

  • Ensure that you have turned on your video (camera) in Collaborate. The video icon will appear blue when it is on. If you do not see the video icon at all then moderators will need to give you permission to share video.
    Camera icon
  • If you click on the video icon and nothing happens (it doesn't turn blue), then it's likely a browser permissions issue. Refer to the Blackboard Collaborate troubleshooting page that will help with browser permissions for your browser. You could also try rebooting your computer, as another program may have locked your camera.
  • If you click the video icon, it turns blue, but you don't see an image, try the following:
    • Test the webcam here to see if the same thing happens. After giving the website permission to use your camera you should immediately see your camera image at the to right. If it does not work here either, try the following:
      • Ensure the camera is pointed at you and you are in a well-lit environment.
      • Ensure that you have not chosen to share your laptop webcam, with your laptop lid being closed - this will result in a black screen being shared to other users.
      • Ensure that the camera does not have a physical privacy switch on it that is blocking the camera.
      • Ensure that the webcam isn't turned off or set to privacy mode with the webcam software. This is a common problem with Lenovo laptops, and there is an article here explaining how to fix it (just the first 6 steps).
  • Other possible solutions: ensure that the camera is plugged in if it's an external camera, try rebooting the computer, or try switching web browsers.

No sound (you can't hear other participants)

  • Ensure that the sound volume on your computer is not muted or set really low. Ensure that sound volume on your desired audio output device (e.g., speakers or headset) is not muted or set really low. Some headsets have a mute or volume knob on them.
  • Try playing a YouTube video to see if there is sound. Collaborate will produce sound using the same audio device (e.g., speakers or headset) as other websites such as YouTube.
  • If you are not getting audio on other websites such as YouTube:
    • Ensure that the desired speakers or headset are set as the default audio device in your operating system. In Windows 10, click the speaker icon by clock to change the audio output device–if you're not sure which one to try, try them all.
    • Ensure that cables going to your speakers or headset are all firmly plugged in.
  • If the above do not work, try rebooting the computer and/or try another web browser.

If you continue to have audio or video issues please contact the Service Desk:

PowerPoint issues:

If you have links to videos/ animations within your Power Point that you wish to share, you will need to use the option Share Application and not upload the file to share:

If you have only one screen at home we recommend opening up your PowerPOint into Reading mode. You can then slightly minimise the screen and share this application - this allows you to move through the slides easily, but still see your Collaborate room, in case your students have questions.

Recording Stopped

  • There is no Pause function currently in Collaborate - so if you plan to have a break in your session you can keep the recording going.  Share a file with  "Time for a Break message" and mute all participants, the break in the recorded session can be easily forwarded through.
  • If you start Break out sessions within Collaborate the recording will stop automatically. Once you are all back in the main room you will need to press record again. More information is here:

Students going into your room anonymously:

  • If you send out the guest link to users, students do not need to authenticate when going into the room - they can create their own name and enter the room. We recommend that the guest link is only used for external participants. Students should access all unit collaborate sessions via their unit in MyLO.

Downloading Your Recordings:

When creating your session you have the option to turn on the ability to allow your recorded sessions to be downloaded. If you have not turned this on  and have several recordings that you wish to now download you can use this workaround:

  • Access the Collaborate Room you wish to turn on recordings for. Note: you may need to search for Previous Sessions if the room is now closed.
    Select Previous Sessions
  • Edit Settings of the Collaborate room.
    Edit your settings
  • Edit the date to be in the future- this only needs to be the next day.
    Edit date of the room
  • Scroll down and open Session Settings and tick the option to Allow Recording Downloads. Save your updated settings
    Edit Session settings
  • You can now select the Recordings tab. All previously recorded items within this session will now be able to be downloaded:
    Download files