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Creating and Accessing your web Conference Room

This guide is designed to help you create and manage your Web conferencing sessions within MyLO using Collaborate Ultra. Collaborate Ultra is HTML5 compliant the system is mobile compliant.

Roles available in Ultra:

  • Moderator - has full functionality and control over the web room
  • Presenter - can present/deliver presentations and perform activities associated with that (e.g. whiteboard, share screen, share application) but cannot remove users/ edit the room itself
  • Student - cannot deliver presentations but can interact with features made available in the room. Students can be promoted to  a presenter easily within the room for student presentations
  • Captioner - the captioner role is designed to provide an accessible learning experience for students who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as for students whose native language is different from the moderator's. A participant is assigned this role by a moderator. The captioner is given an area to type what is being said - this can be viewed in real time.

By using Ultra within your unit you are able to create and access all recordings yourself. The recommended browser for use  with Ultra is Google Chrome. Further information for moderators can be found here:

There are two ways to access web conferencing in your unit. One is via the navigation bar, within the communications group. Pressing on the link here will open up web conferencing. The other way you can access web conferencing is from within content. You can add a link to web conferencing in a module or page.

Navigation Bar access:

To access your Web conferencing rooms Login to MyLO and access your MyLO unit and press on Communication > Web Conferencing.
Press on communication/ web conferencing

Content Access:

Log into MyLO and access your MyLO unit. From within your module select Add Existing Activities > External Learning Tools
Press on external Learning Tools

Select Web Conferencing

Choose Web Conferencing

The Link will now be within your content. It is recommended that you ensure this page opens as an external resource.

The link to your Web Conference room will be in your unit content

Creating a Web Conference Room

Each  room will have an automatic Course room created. This is open for the entire time the unit is taught. You can change the settings if you wish or disable this room altogether if you prefer.
Every unit has a course room. This can be disabled

  1. To create a room press on Create Session
    Press Create Session
  2. Put in the name for the session - name your rooms well if you are using for group work. Put in start and end dates- you can have the room open for the entire semester. You can choose to have an open ended room or repeat a session each week or month.
    Put in date and room name
  3. You can change the Guest Role to be a presenter or moderator. The Guest link is used to email users outside of your email unit for access to the session. This is not for students within your unit.
    Choose the guest role
  4. Open up Session Settings. There are several options to choose from here.It is here that you change the role for your students if you want them to be able to go into the room as a presenter when accessing the link from within web conferencing.
    Change the Role of the attendee to be presenter or moderator
    Other important session settings include the ability to download recorded sessions. Tick any that you want within your web room and press Save.
    Select that you want to allow Recording downloads
  5. You can now enter this room ( if the date has been reached) or edit it, delete it or view reports from previous sessions
    The room is now available to enter. You can edit the room from here
  6. Press on the Link to enter your newly created room. Use Google Chrome for the best results -  especially as a Moderator. The first time you access the room as a moderator you will need to  install an add-on for Chrome or Firefox to get the full capabilities. Information on this is  in the link below.
  7. If you set up a recurring session- so once a week at the same time, these will be grouped together in a folder. Pressing on the folder will open up all the upcoming sessions. Recurring bookings
    • Closed Folder of upcoming Recurring recordings
    • Opened folder with the upcoming sessions showing

To set up your audio, and to share content, or chat to users in the room press on the tab on the bottom right. The tab at the top left allows you to record sessions and report issues. More information on  the tools and system interface can be found here: