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Accessing your Recordings

If you have pressed the option to record a web conference session, you can access them on the Collaborate menu tool bar. Once a room has finished recording it can take a few hours to show up in the recording list.

Once in your web room press Start Recording.

Press to record your session

You will get a message saying that the room is being recorded. A small recording icon will also appear in the top left hand corner of your room.

Recording in progress icon

To stop a recording you can open the table of contents. Note: If you use Breakout groups the recording will stop. You will need to restart the recording once back in the main room.

  1. To access your recordings press on Communication> Web Conferencing in your unit.
    Press on communication/ web conferencing
  2. Press on the table of contents in the top left hand corner
    Press on talbe of contents
  3. Choose Recordings
    Choose recordings
  4. Your most recent recordings will show by default (those done in the last thirty days).  You can view the recording or press download the recording to watch offline. Moderators can also delete recordings.
  5. Most recent recordings will show

  6. To view recordings more than a few days old you will need to change the option from Show recent Recordings to Show Recordings in a range. Put in your date range and all recordings within that time will appear.
    Show recordings in a range and put in the date