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Zoom Overview

Zoom Web conferencing allows University of Tasmania staff members to create a web room that can be used for online learning and collaboration both inside and outside of MyLO. Web conferencing connects students, lecturers and staff at their computers wherever they are located, via the Internet. Anyone with a computer and Internet access can be invited to join a web conference session, even if they are not based on campus. Participants communicate in real-time through audio, text chat and video, and interact via a shared whiteboard space. Sessions can be recorded for later viewing.

Web Conferencing at the University of Tasmania uses the Zoom software.

For the best results you should create your web conference room within your unit. Instructions on how to do this are here: Creating and accessing web conferencing

A Tips and Tricks page for using Zoom in  your unit is here: Tips and Tricks

Note: New staff may need to activate their account in order to be able to access Zoom within MyLO. To do this see instructions on page seven of this guide (PDF 3.1 MB)