MyLO - My Learning Online

Student Support

What is MyLO?

MyLO is the online learning environment at the University of Tasmania. MyLO stands for My Learning Online.

For all units with an online presence, MyLO is the system which is used to host the Unit's online materials and activities. The way in which MyLO is used depends upon the requirements and approaches of the unit and its teaching staff.

You can make sure that your computer and/or browser are set up appropriately to enable the new MyLO to work properly by running a 'system check'.

Here are some ways that you can learn how to use MyLO:

Resources & Guides

Access step-by-step tutorials from our collection of Student Resources. These include both printable guides and videos.

The Student Centre has also put together two guides for new students:

Practice Using MyLO Tools

Visit the Getting started with MyLO unit (you should see this listed in your list of units when you log in to MyLO - if you do not then please enrol in the unit yourself here: Use the unit to learn more about MyLO and practice using different MyLO tools.

Is My Unit Online?

You can see if your unit is going to be taught online by using the "Is my unit online?" form. You will need to type in the unit code or title, put in the semester and press search. Details on when the unit goes live can be found by pressing on the details link of your returned search results. Please remember not all units are taught in MyLO - and if you have any queries about this you should contact your lecturer.


Turnitin is the plagiarism software used by the University of Tasmania. Learn more about Turnitin and your responsibilities by visiting the Turnitin & Academic Honesty unit in MyLO, or by reading the information on our integrations page. If you do not have access to this unit, or you get an Not authorised error when pressing on the link, you can self enrol :

Need further help?

For further technical assistance please contact our support staff. We will be able to assist you over the phone with any issues you may have. Contact: Service Desk To put a job in directly to the Service Desk you can use this form

Other forms of Student Support can be found here:

  • "Ad-hoc" IT Support is also available within Newnham Library. For IT assistance please ask at the library main counter.