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Viewing Turnitin Assignment Submission Results (Grademark Feedback)

This guide demonstrates how you can view your Turnitin assignment submission originality report and GradeMark feedback.  This guide also explains why a GradeMark icon may be missing from the student view, and shows you how to download your Grademark Feedback to ensure you retain a copy  of your feedback once the unit ends. Please note that this guide is only applicable for assignments that have the Turnitin functionality enabled.

1. From the MyLO Home page select your unit from the My Units widget. This action will take you into your unit and onto your Unit Home page.Screen shot of the My Units widget on the MyLO Home page.

2. Select the Assignment tool from the Assessments group on the navbar.  This action will take you to the Assignment Folder page.Screen shot of the Dropbox tool in the Unit Home navbar

3. Your grade will appear in the Score column for your assignment submission. To view your originality report and GradeMark feedback, select the View link in the Feedback column.

Screen shot of the Dropbox Folders Score & Feedback columns.

4. To view your originality report from Turnitin, select the View Inline Feedback option.  This will open Turnitin in a new window within Turnitin.

Screenshot of the View Feedback page with the Report and GradeMark icons.

5. In the Match Breakdown panel you will see your plagiarism results. In the red navigation bar you will find a similarity score, e.g. 21% similar.

Feedback studio menu

Press on the percentage match to get a further breakdown of where the matches are coming from.

In Turnitin you can get a breakdown of sources by pressing on the overall score on the right hand side barYou will get a breakdown of sources/ matches to your submission

6. To view your GradeMark feedback, select the Feedback layer ( in blue) from the navigation bar. Extra feedback will be able to be seen here, or scroll through your paper to see the feedback given. Open the speech bubbles by pressing on them to read the feedback.

Feedback within the assignment

7. To keep a copy of your Turnitin and Grademark feedback once your unit finishes it is advised that you download a copy and save it. To do this select the third layer with the download icon from within Turnitin.

Press on download

Press on Current View to download a copy of the file you submitted and a view of the Feedback as a PDF.

Press on CUrrent view to save a copy of your feedback