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Discussion Board – Setting Grid View

This guide is designed to help you to change your default settings within Discussions, to allow you to use grid view in your discussion topics within MyLO. The default within MyLO is currently set to Reading View. 

  1. Currently the default view within Discussions is set to be Reading View. To see what this looks like Press on Discussions in the navigation bar in MyLO:
    Screen shot of the Discussions link in the navbar.
  2. This will give you a list of all your Forums and associated topics within these Forums.
    Shows you all your forums and discussion topics
  3. To see the Reading View press on one of your topics:
    Press on your topic
  4. This will open up the Discussion list for this topic in Reading View:   You will see a list of all the posted threads, part of the original post, as well as the number of replies and who this was done by. This can get quite long and unwieldy in large classes.
    Opens up in reading view

How to change your default settings to be Grid View within a single unit

  1. To change your settings in Discussions press on Discussions> Settings.
    Click Discussions/settings
  2. From here you can change the default for this unit to be Grid View. Press Save.
    Choose Grid view and save
  3. Once saved the view of your threads within a topic will now look like this within your unit:
    Discussion threads will now be in grid view

How to change your default settings to be Grid View in all units

  1. If you would prefer the Grid View to be your default view for all your units, you can change this in your personal settings. To do this go to your name in the top right hand navigation bar and from the drop down arrow choose Account Settings:
  2. From here Select Discussions > Grid View. Once you have saved, all your topics will be seen in Grid View within all of your units, unless changed.
    Choose Grid view and save

How to change the settings for only one Topic

  1. You may wish to keep your default settings and just change the settings for a particular topic within your discussions. To do this Click on Discussions and from the dropdown nest to the topic select View Topic in Grid View:
    Choose View Topic in Grid view