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Accessing Zoom Recordings in your Unit

To view within Zoom:

To access within your unit press on the link to Zoom within Content:

Press on link in content

Select Previous Meetings or Cloud Recordings.  Press on the recording you wish to view.

Press on the recording link

You will then have the option to view the recording. Pressing on the recording will open the recording in a new tab to view.

Press on Play

Note that if you have not logged into Zoom already you may be required to.

Zoom will open in a new window when you press play on your Recording. Press on SSO on the bottom of the Zoom page.

Enter the domain name UTAS and select Continue.

Login with your normal University credentials. You will now be able to press Play.

Recordings made earlier than 16th July 2021 require you to enter a passcode to view. When you press on the play icon within Zoom, the Passcode of the recording will be auto copied.

A green pop up will appear like below.

Auto Copy password

The Recording will open in a new tab and you will need to enter the passcode to view it. Press Paste to put in the auto copied code and then Access Recording.

Access Recording

The recording will play.

Note:  If you are asked to sign into Zoom press on the SSO option on the login page.

View in Echo360:

If your unit also has a link to Echo360 lecture recordings, you may also be able to access Zoom Meeting recordings in this way.

Press on the link to Echo360  in your unit.

Echo360 link added in content

This will open up Echo360. Zoom meetings will be available for you to view here as well as other Recordings unless removed  by your lecturer.

Zoom added to Echo360 Section