MyLO - My Learning Online

Using MyLO for the first time- Part Two

This guide gives a brief introduction to some important parts of your MyLO unit

Unit Outline:

Your Unit Outline is listed in the Unit Information widget on your unit home page. Make sure you read the Unit Outline carefully; it is the central document for information about your unit and includes details about content, assessment items, deadlines and unit processes and rules.

Unit outline is available in the Unit Information widget on your unit homepage


The Announcements widget appears below the Unit information widget on your unit homepage.

The annoucement Widget is on the left had side of your unit homepage. Dismiss read items by pressing on the cross.

Click the x at the top right of any news item to "dismiss" that item. This means it is hidden from view on the front page of your unit.
Click the title  "Announcements" in the widget, and you'll go to the Announcements page where you can see and restore any dismissed announcement. You can also access Announcements via the communication group in navigation bar.

Restore your dismissed annoucements


Unit materials can be viewed via the Content link just above the unit banner.

Access content via the link in the navigation bar or via the Content Browser widget on the home page

Content is organised into Modules (in the unit below, each week is a separate Module). Each Module contains a number of Topics. Click on a topic in your unit and explore. More information on navigating content is available here. (Alternative link:

Content is orgainsed by modules

More Help:

All students have access to Getting Started in MyLO unit  ( If you cannot view this unit please enrol yourself here: This site contains guides on topics such as Discussions, Signing Up for Tutorial Groups and Setting Notifications.