Alice Pemberton agrees that accountants are people who like everything precisely organised…but that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun careers.

Alice studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting and Business Management at the University of Tasmania, and is now a Management Accountant for Roadshow Films, part of the Village Roadshow Limited group, at their head office in Melbourne.

“I thought maybe it would be boring, being an accountant- but it’s not. 

I like working with different people and working towards a result together, and I like being in a company that’s interesting and fun.

Alice’s job involves a lot of budgeting and forecasting.

“The areas that I work on are digital, and involve selling movies to distributors. I do a lot of work around the reporting for platforms of their sales. I also look at when we sell DVDs. We take care of both Australia and New Zealand.

“Working on management accounting is definitely exciting.”

And working in “showbiz” has its perks.

“I get to see a lot of movies! Often before they come out, which is pretty cool.”

At University, Alice combined her first love, Accounting, with Business Management, which she said “kept things interesting.”

“While I was at Uni I worked a lot, which I thought was really important, and it did help me to get a job. I did a bit of part time study while I did full time work, which was really easy at UTAS.

I also did the Corporate Internship Program. That was a really cool subject! I went and worked at MONA for a semester.

“I went to the UTAS Careers Night for the Institute of Chartered Accountants and through that I got a vacation work position with Deloitte in Sydney.”

Alice said the employability of accountants was a factor in choosing her studies.

“I definitely think Accounting is a good choice. They’re always going to need accountants, it’s a really good degree to have. I knew there were heaps of jobs in accounting and that I wasn’t going to struggle finding work.

UTAS has worked out really well for me and I’d recommend it.

“Some of the opportunities I got, such as with the ICAA, I might not have got them if I lived in a bigger city because there would have been more competition,” she said.

I definitely think you get a nice sense of community too. At UTAS, you’re friends with everyone doing your degree.

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