When one thinks of Australia, endless summer sun, surf and the relationship Australians have with the ocean comes to mind.

Tourism advertisement relies heavily on Australia’s beach culture, the Great Barrier Reef and beachside resorts to promote the nation overseas.

Even the national anthem acknowledges the nation is “girt by sea” with latest figures showing around 85% of Australians live within 50 km from the sea.

Australia is at one of the world’s great crossroads. It is where three of the world’s great oceans meet – the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and the Southern Ocean. The riches in the waters just off our shore have seen us take an incredible interest in the ocean. This interest has seen the rise of a whole discipline of university study.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some Australian universities are leading the way in the development of this emerging discipline – recognising the need for specialist knowledge and skills. This is due, in part, to the development of new technologies that are being tested in places like the University of Tasmania while maintaining traditional skills from being forgotten.

One of the best place in Australia to start on a journey that could take you across the world’s great blue wonderland is at the University of Tasmania's Australian Maritime College.  

The capability to navigate large ships across huge tracts of ocean remains a vital capability in a world with two-thirds (2/3) of its surface covered in water. 

However, emerging skills are leveraging our increased ability to explore the oceans. This ranges from tourism management, environment conservation and aquaculture to the creation of international policy governing how we handle open oceans and the Antarctic.

While there are many other institutes and universities offering similar courses, the University of Tasmania has one simple advantage, it’s one of the closest universities to the magnificent, mysterious and awesome Antarctica. 

Want to know more on how you can be part of an exciting field of study visit the University of Tasmania's Australian Maritime College.