When you step inside the Spiegeltent, you’d better be prepared to be immersed in a “sinister netherworld of jaw-dropping contortion, gut churning aerial acrobatics and staggering illusions,” says the program. And we are. Their advertising says that it's so good Madonna went twice, and after the media call yesterday, we believe them. 

Inside the beautiful Belgian tent, filled with mirrors, velvet and deluxe booths, cast member of the Spiegeltent’s headline act ‘Limbo’, Heather Holiday, says “no-one is safe.” 

The circus/cabaret and acrobatic show happens all around the audience, not just on a stage. An immersive visual and audio performance where 50 instruments are played live in the show – and everyone has a raft of talents to amaze.

Heather treated us to a taste of her talent at the end of the interview by delicately dropping two swords down her throat, followed by a curtsey. 

I play this overall sideshow character, where I sprinkle through the show doing crazy things… sword swallowing, fire breathing, whip cracking, tap dancing. The crowd are normally a bit shocked because I come out chewing gum and twirling my hair and they don’t really expect it when I swallow two swords at once.

Show Director Scott Maidment says “… it’s a really great environment to see a show."

The international cast members have been selected because they are specialist performers not just in circus skills, but in playing musical instruments, singing, dancing or beat box, it gives the audience a whole range of things to see.

“Heather Holiday is from New York, Elias is from Berlin, Meike who does the chinese pole is from Havignon, Neika has come from a Russian Circus background, Ethan is from Montreal and there are three Australians in the show.”

There is also a great line up of other shows inside the Speigeltent including well known comedians Charlie Pickering, Peter Helliar, Tom Gleeson, Frank Woodley. 

Tassie audiences have been responding really well to comedy acts. So we thought we’d go all out and give them what they’re looking for. It’s really a world class line up of comedians that we’ve managed to snare.

A sensational line up of music performance is also in store including free DJ sets every Friday and Saturday night. The line up includes funk, soul, punk, new wave, pop, salsa, rock, calypso, reggae, R&B and disco.

This is the third year that the Speigeltent has been to Tasmania. The line up is getting better every year.

The Spiegeltent, hosted on the PW1 forecourt on Hobart’s waterfront between March 10 and April 3, is presented by Strut & Fret in Association with Ten Days on the Island.