How do our everyday routines shape us? And can they lead us to greatness?

It was reading about the creative processes of great artists that led Joel Keygan, 22, to study Psychology at the University of Tasmania.

“When I finished year 12 I had the ATAR to get into uni, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.”

After a gap year and a trip around Europe, Joel returned home and joined the airforce.

“That was a great experience as well, I found it really enjoyable. But after those two years I found I actually wanted to go to uni.

I really enjoy reading non-fiction, and realised I was reading a lot about psychology. I thought, ‘this would be interesting to study.’ I didn’t even study psychology in year 11 and 12!

It was Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey that proved the tipping point.

“Basically the author researched the daily routines of famous writers, academics, artists, and scientists over the last 400, 500 years, and examined their daily habits. Each chapter features a different person.

“It was so interesting seeing the commonalities, despite how different the individuals were. I found that really interesting, the idea of habits. Then I read The Power of Habit and more, and that was kind of the intro into my interest in psychology.

“I started applying the principles to myself, and learned how to effectively structure my day. I personally hate working in the late afternoon and evenings, so mornings is when I’m most productive.

Relating those actions back to me and my personality is what really got me interested in studying Psychology.

And while Joel says his favourite area of Psychology can change from week to week, he is particularly keen on neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

“At the moment conducting research is of interest to me. There are some psychologists at Uni, Dr Jason Satel and Dr Cynthia Honan, whose research really interests me,” he said.

I’ll definitely be sticking around the area of Psychology into the future.

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