Lindsay Fletcher may be only 19, but she’s already confident her life is going to be devoted to caring for others.

Lindsay, who is studying Nursing at the University of Tasmania’s Rozelle Campus in Sydney, will hold a Nursing degree by the time she turns 21.

She always knew nursing was her destiny.

“I’ve always been very caring. I just want to help people, that’s what I want my life goal to be.

I want to help as many people as I can, so I thought Nursing was a really good path.

“I think that from the age of about 12 I wanted to do nursing, or some type of medicine.

“My family and friends weren’t surprised when I went into Nursing!”

“My favourite areas of study so far are anatomy and health assessment. I find it really interesting, and the hands-on stuff is really good.

Looking at models and seeing all the intricate details of how our bodies work is really interesting to me.

Lindsay is in her second semester and has just completed a placement at Liverpool Hospital on the Surgical Ward.

“Placement was so amazing. It really opened my eyes to what my career in nursing is going to look like.

Working on the ward with nurses and seeing how they work, and all the responsibilities they have made me excited.

“During my placement I got to build relationships with patients and hear their stories.

“I got to see different procedures such as chest x-rays, basic wound dressings and an angioplasty procedure,” she said.

“Although a lot of my placement was observations, I learnt a lot and built my knowledge of practical work in nursing.”

And it’s not only patients Lindsay has been connecting with.

I’ve made good friends both this semester and last semester.

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